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Baking common sense: introduction of the use of continuous dividing rounding machine

1: Divide the fermented dough according to the weight of the bread to be made. After the division, almost all the dough should be rounded. This can be used to densify the bubbles produced by the fermentation and make the surface of the dough smooth. After squeezing the squeezing, the dough's tensile strength is increased, the strength is increased, and the stretch of the dough can be maintained.

2: Segmentation is a small dough that is divided by volume to make the dough a certain weight, but the fermentation is continuously carried out, so care should be taken to adjust the size of the machine outlet to get better results. The whole split control of a grooved dough is completed within 20 minutes, which cannot be exceeded, because if the dough in the same tank is dragged too long, the dough in the final division will exceed the predetermined fermentation time and the dough consistency will not be maintained. .

3: The divided dough cannot be shaped immediately, but is rounded so that the dough has a thin skin on the outside to retain the newly generated gas and expand the dough. At the same time, the smooth skin is conducive to the adhesion of the machine in the future process, the surface of the baked bread is also smooth and beautiful, and the internal tissue particles are even. The split spheron or the splitter defines the split weight by volume, so the range of the split is extremely undesirable. There will be an error in the weight, and the weight error can be controlled within 5%. After practice, the effect can be improved, and the adjustment wheel can be adjusted appropriately. In addition, the dough volume is closely related to the fermentation, so proper basic fermentation can make the dough stretchable, easy to lay the plate, and the divided dough is more accurate in weight and also rolled. circle.

The effect of the spheronization is also related to the proficiency of the operating machine, and the effect of the machine spheronization cannot be compared with the manual. However, the bread making process is also shaped, fermented and baked after spheronization. The spheronization requires only film formation to keep the gas, and the hamburger and meal package will not be spherical after fermentation and baking. Too hard dough is not easy to lay and the spheronization effect is not ideal, the moisture is above 55%, the amount of sugar oil is sufficient, the basic fermentation is sufficient, and the spheronization effect is obviously improved. After the spheronization, the bottom of the dough is not very tight, which has no effect on the subsequent operation procedure and the quality of the bread, but can make the dough softer and easier to shape.




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