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Let everyone know about baking ingredients

First of all, the aspect of baking raw materials - high-gluten flour - wheat flour protein content of more than 12.5%. It is one of the main raw materials for making bread. It is mostly used in muffins (thousands of cakes) and creamy hollow cakes (puffs). In the case of cakes, it is limited to high-fruit fruitcakes. Medium-gluten flour--Wheat flour has a protein content of 9-12%, most of which are used in Chinese-style dim sum, buns, dumplings and some western cakes, such as egg tart and pie. Low-gluten flour - wheat flour protein content between 7 and 9%, is one of the main raw materials for making cakes. It is also one of the main raw materials in the mixed pastry.

Cake-specific powder--low-gluten flour is treated with chlorine gas to lower the acid value of the original low-gluten flour, which is conducive to the organization and structure of the cake. Whole wheat flour - Wheat flour contains the outer layer of bran, which makes the ratio of endosperm and bran the same as the raw wheat component, and is used to make whole wheat bread and small cake. Wheat Germ--The separation of the germ part from the body during the milling process is used as the production of germ bread. The wheat germ is rich in nutritive value, especially for children and the elderly.

Bran - the outermost layer of wheat, mostly used as feed, but can also be blended in high-gluten white flour to make high-fiber bran bread. Naked wheat flour - is made from rye, because its protein composition is different from wheat, does not contain gluten, and is mostly mixed with high-gluten wheat flour. Oatmeal - usually referred to as oatmeal, used in bakery products to make multigrain bread and small cakes. Cornmeal - small fine grained, ground from jade, used as a cornmeal bread and multigrain bread in baked products, such as large-scale French bread can also be sprinkled on a powder dish as a shaped dough Anti-adhesive. Corn starch, also known as corn starch, is a starch of maize, and when it is heated to 65 ° C, it begins to puff and produce gelling properties.

Most of it is used in jelly raw materials or cream pudding. It is also possible to add a nutrient which can appropriately reduce the flour in the recipe of the cake. White oil--commonly known as chemical lard or hydrogenated oil, the oil is deodorized and decolorized by oil processing, and then hydrogenated to different degrees to make it into solid white oil, which is mostly used for making shortcake or replacing lard. White cream - divided into water and non-aqueous, is the same product as white oil, but the oil refining process is whiter, the oil is better, the oil is white and delicate.

Water-containing white cream is mostly used to make scented cakes, while water-free is used for cream cakes, cream creams and other advanced West Point. Emulsified Oil--The above white oil or snow white cream is added with different emulsifiers. When the cake is made, the water and oil can be mixed evenly without separation. It is mainly used to make high-intensity cream cake and cream cream. Cream - there are two kinds of water and no water.




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