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Bread oven maintenance rules

Nowadays, the living standard is constantly improving. Many families will have a bread oven to meet the daily cooking needs. Therefore, when using the bread oven, you can't ignore its daily maintenance work. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance rules of some bread ovens.

1. First adjust the automatic temperature regulator knob, timer knob, transfer switch, etc. to the lowest position, turn on the power, and the indicator light is on. After heating in the box, adjust the corresponding knob to the desired position according to the temperature, time and power required for grilling the food.

2. Before using the bread oven, read the instruction manual carefully and check if the local power supply voltage is consistent with the requirements of the bread oven.

3. After use, the power plug should be unplugged in time.

4. The position of the baking tray placed in the inner cavity of the bread oven can be selected according to the size of the food and the baking method. Generally, the temperature of the upper layer is slightly higher, the middle layer is moderate, and the lower layer is lower.

5. The food to be baked in the bread oven is prepared in advance and used as needed. Bake ribs, chicken, duck, meat, bread, pies, etc., should be placed in the baking tray; when grilling fish, put the fish on the grill and then put it in the baking tray. It is best to apply some cooking oil or a layer of aluminum foil before using the baking tray to facilitate food removal and cleaning after use.

6. Observe whether the various parts of the baked food are evenly heated through the window. If necessary, the handle can be turned to the direction of the baking tray. Large-volume, thick-skinned foods should be properly flipped 1 to 2 times during the baking process so that they will be roasted more evenly.

7. When the indicator light is off and the preheating temperature has been reached in the bread oven, open the door of the box, place the baking tray net for holding the food in the appropriate position in the oven, and close the box door to open the baking switch.

8. When picking up the food in the bread oven, be sure to use the handle fork together with the baking tray or the grilling net. Do not use the hand directly to avoid burns.




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