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Take you to know about the economic development of the food industry driven by baking utensils

Over the years, China's bakery food industry has performed well, consumption upgrades, policy promotion, standard reconstruction, and the influx of foreign capital and domestic capital mergers have made the traditional low-concentration status of China's bakery food industry accelerate and change. It has maintained double-digit growth for several years, and its growth rate far exceeds the average growth rate of the food industry. There are still some problems in China's baking industry, mainly in several aspects:

The overall level of process technology and equipment is behind. Except for some foreign-funded enterprises, most domestic enterprises still adopt traditional production techniques. Some new technologies such as two fermentation processes, two mixing technologies, continuous fermentation processes, high-heat continuous ovens and automatic control equipment have not been widely promoted. Although the developed fresh-keeping dough and frozen dough technology in developed countries have been studied in depth in China, they have not formed scale production capacity.

Due to the low barriers to entry in the baking industry, the qualifications of practitioners are generally low. Most of the technicians are employed after short-term training, and there is no systematic professional study. The employees in the baking industry in China are only experienced and have no theory. This makes it impossible for practitioners to test the quality of raw materials, stabilize product quality, and adopt new technologies and technologies. As the competition in the industry intensifies, products and technologies continue to evolve, and the talent problem in the baking industry is becoming increasingly prominent.

In terms of business model, most of the baking enterprises in China are currently the former shop and the back factory, and the chain operation of the central factory is very small. The investment in the enterprise is large, the production cost is high, the product quality is not stable enough, it is not easy to chain, and it is difficult to produce a brand effect. With the improvement of consumption level, baked goods are developing towards satisfying the individualized, fashionable, diversified and branded chain operation of residents. Nowadays, most enterprises still use the traditional management mode, and the modern enterprise system and total quality management have not been fully implemented. . With the intervention of enterprises from Hong Kong, Taiwan and developed countries, how do the small and former factories and stores in China fight the risks and participate in the competition of large-scale, high-quality, low-cost, safe and healthy chain enterprises supported by foreign consortia? It is worrying.

Regardless of bread or biscuits and other baked goods, our country's per capita possession is very low. The most common bread consumption in Europe is Germany. The annual per capita bread is as high as 84 kilograms, and the lowest in Italy is 50 kilograms. In Asia, Japan has always used rice as the staple food, and now it consumes more than 12 kilograms of bread per person. The bread consumption in Taiwan is also 9 Kilograms, while the per capita possession of bread in China is less than 0.7 kg, and the per capita possession of the underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions is lower. Moreover, China's bakery food enterprises are mainly concentrated in the eastern coastal areas and more developed cities. Baked food is not only the main food for residents, but also the leisure and holiday food. It is an indispensable important industry in the food industry. This traditional and emerging field will become the focus of the development of the food industry and has broad prospects.




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