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Correctly recognize the precautions for using the oven

1. Power. Domestic common electric oven power is generally between 500 and 1500 watts, so first consider whether the household electricity meter is within the allowable range. Then determine according to the number of family members, if a family of three chooses an electric oven below 700 watts is more appropriate.

2. Type. Generally, it is classified into three types according to the heat generating elements. 1) Economical type: an infrared tube plus a quartz heating tube is completed, of course, the grade is relatively low, but the basic function of the electric oven can still be achieved. 2) Standard type: Two far-infrared tubes plus a quartz heating tube, characterized by fast heating. But compared with the former, the price will be about 200 yuan higher. 3) High-grade type: There is an ultraviolet heating tube in the accessory, which can play the role of sterilization.

3. Features. Nowadays, there are many high-grade electric ovens, which are pre-programmed by the microcomputer to set the heating method, time and food baking rotation, etc., which can maximize the heat of the food and reach the intelligent stage. So this is a very important aspect when shopping.

4. Style. The style of the electric oven is mainly vertical and horizontal. The vertical electric oven is more suitable for the home kitchen with less space. It does not occupy the floor area, but the space volume; the horizontal electric oven is suitable for the kitchen area. Larger family. Then there is the outer shell paint, generally choose high transparency.

Oven use precautions

1. The temperature of the top of the electric oven and the door of the oven are relatively high. Do not touch the hand when using it; be sure to use the handle fork when handling the baking tray. Do not touch the heater or other parts of the furnace cavity to avoid burns.

2. The electric oven heater has two fixed thermal inertia. After the power is turned on, the surface of the heater reaches the normal working temperature after 2-3 minutes; when the power is off, it takes a certain time to cool down. Understand the characteristics of the heater, so that the heater power can be turned on or off as appropriate according to the degree of baking of the food.

3. Before placing the food in the oven, be sure to preheat the oven.

4. Due to the heat dissipation of the furnace door, the degree of food baking near the door of the furnace is always slightly weaker. In order to make the food of each part of the baking tray evenly baked, the baking tray can be turned in the direction of baking for half of the time, and then the baking is continued. grilled.

5. In order to use electricity safely, the electric oven should have a good grounding wire.

6. After each use of the electric oven, be careful to wipe clean after cooling. The baking tray and baking net can be washed with water, but the furnace door and the oven cavity and outer casing should not be washed with water. Wipe with a dry cloth. When the dish and the grilled food are adhered to the food juice and baked, it is not easy to be washed. It can be rubbed off with the cuttlefish bone water or detergent.



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