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What are the characteristics of hot air rotary furnace?

1. Microcomputer digital display automatic temperature control, hot air circulation, car rotation, even air supply device makes the fire color more uniform and gorgeous.

2. The outside of the burning furnace, the coal inlet is pierced to the wall, the special intellectual property special combustion design, special heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-dissipating special stainless steel material, high temperature heating, long service life, clean and environmentally friendly Pollution.

3. Timed alarm for the furnace, 32 sets of the whole frame of the car in and out of the baking, low energy consumption and large output, saving time and effort and labor.

4. The Siemens turntable stops the positioning device to make the operation easier.

5. Intelligent humidification system can adjust the humidity inside the furnace to meet the technical requirements of special products.

6. High temperature resistant tempered glass door, external fluorescent lamp, can observe the whole baking process.

7. High-density nano-insulation layer, good insulation effect.

8. Both self-contained and sub-packaged designs. If the machine cannot enter the machine due to the size of the door of the user's shop, you can choose the sub-assembly on-site assembly.

9. The energy saving and consumption reduction effect is obvious, and the average coal consumption is about 40 kg for 10 hours.

10. The hot air rotary furnace has a unique core expertise, and its thermal efficiency, uniformity of fire, and reliability of use are not comparable to other similar products.




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